In the project Form Follows Music I made use of the material world, formed it in a new way in order to make music experienceable in a different way. In order to be able to do this in a process that was as open as possible, a number of framework conditions were defined previously, such as the source of inspiration, deconstruction, reconstruction and the resulting representation of the essence of a piece of music. The elaboration referred to the song Hypnotisoitu Viharukous by the finnish psychedelic black metal band Oranssi Pazuzu. The task was also to make use of the characteristics and elements of the piece and to develop a stage outfit that the singer of the band could wear during a performance.

The result was a mask based on the shape of a skull, breaking the boundaries and transitions between mask and body: "Borders absorbed in our bodies", as it is called in part of the lyrics. The extension by an organically structured surface and pointed, geometric elements visualize the context of form and music and give it a fearsome, aggressive appearance. The results were art prints of selected photographs and repeating moving images that represent the mask
as the final result.

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