Tourism is constantly on the increase
but in general tourism causes huge amounts of pollution.

The increasing amount of garbage is a huge burden on holiday destinations. This problem can also be found on Corfu, the seventh largest island in Greece. Concerning the waste conflict a concept was developed that focuses on conscious and environmentally friendly travel in the context to islands. The content should make people aware of the problems and educate them, while offering meaningful solutions, inspiration and alternatives for their journey. This led to the idea of a green and modular island guide, which on the one side should provide orientation in a geographical sense and on the other side in dealing with the environment and the associated waste conflict on Corfu.
The island guide contains a collection of useful information that have an enormous value in the field of sustainable and conscious travel to reach travellers that have great expectations of conscious interaction with our environment, are interested in the protection of nature and biodiversity, open minded for alternatives and inspiration and enjoy an appreciation for the beautiful and unique. An integrated modular system allows the adjustment and content customization to individual needs and interests through a selection range of theme specific booklets. The aim was to create great content for travellers to sensitize them for conscious travelling and to make tourism more sustainable.

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