They belong to the city of cologne, such as the carnival,
the Kölsch and the cathedral and it is hard to do without.

"Büdche", as the kiosk in Cologne is called, is much more than a place for selling things of everyday use beyond the common shop opening hours. With their colorful advertising signs, crowded windows and flashing neon signs, they can be found at almost every corner of the city. It is a meeting point of many districts and becomes a supply station in a place where the meeting people could not be more different. They are part of everyday life and their appearance is a piece of everyday architecture.
Neither design, architecture, nor social and historical sciences have so far specifically dealt with the phenomenon kiosk. I wanted to consciously observe, perceive and appreciate. This work should remind us how important the kiosk from a socio-cultural and urban planning point of view is. The plan was a result that should contribute to the preservation and revitalization of the kiosk culture in the city of Cologne. In cooperation with Julia Topolewski I created a concept for an App, which guides you through the city while making stops at the Kiosks. The best shops would get the opportunity of selling a personalized beer. The aim was to support the unique Kiosk culture and their owners.

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